Chicago Overview

Chicago is a dynamic city in mid-west United States of America. It is one of biggest city in United States. It is also known as 'The Windy City', 'Chi-Town', and 'House of Blues'. It is famous for warm people, deep dish pizza, cruel winters, warm beaches (during summer) and breath taking skyline. Summer there are numerous fairs and festivals including the world famous 'Taste of Chicago' - days long festival focused entirely on food. A must visit festival if you want get some variety and spice in your life.

Chicago is a large metropolitan. Major areas of the city include:

1. Downtown: The center of Chicago for work and play, with shopping, skyscrapers, big theaters, and the city's most famous travel sights.

2. North Side: Upscale neighborhoods with entertainment aplenty in storefront theaters and the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field, along with a ton of bars and clubs, and one of the largest LGBT communities in the nation

3. South Side: The historic Black Metropolis, brainy Hyde Park and the University of Chicago, Chinatown, the White Sox, soul food, and the real Chicago blues.

Note: Some locations in south side are very dangerous because drug-related or gang activity. Exercise Caution!!.

4. Far North Side: Ultra-hip and laid-back, with miles of beaches and some of the most vibrant immigrant communities in the country.

Chicago has four distinct seasons. Chicago's weather is extreme both during summer and winter. During summer it can be very hot and humid. Few days long summer spells are also not uncommon. Average high during summers are generally ranges from 19°C (67°F) to 30°C (84°F). Humidity is generally high especially in July and August.

Winters are extremely cold specially because of winds off Lake Michigan causing Wind Chill. Temperatures often dip to -20°C (-28°F). January and Feburary are extreme weather months and it is not recommended to visit the city as a tourist as most of out-door activities are Frozen Solid in this windy city.

Before You Leave: Do I Need Visa?

Depending on your nationality - you may not need to apply for Tourist/Visa for United States. Policy varies sharply from country to country and by individual cases.

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Getting There: By Air, Train or Road

Chicago is easily accessible. It has two international airport, well connected to Amtrak railway network and several inter-state highways connect Chicago to rest of the country.

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Hotels in Chicago: Luxury, Mid-range and Budget

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Chicago Attractions: Where To Go

Chicago is a fun place to be as tourist - it has numerous museums, world famous parks, eating places, little Italy district - if you love pizza, clubs, beach front and shopping venues.

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Quick Information

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6. Electric Voltage: 110-V 60Hz

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